The Perfect Snow Day!

If you're in central Iowa, you know we are dealing with a big snow storm today and into tomorrow morning, which means no school! Wahoo! Well, maybe wahoo ... depends. Monday is Martin Luther King day, so the kids don't have school. In other words, they now have a 4 day weekend (insert face palm). Now, what to do with them to keep things fun and not so crazy around here? We can't go outside, at least not yet ... it's a blizzard out there, and I believe there's a line of freezing rain coming before another round of snow. So, it's best we stay in.

We can play a ton of board games ... for me, it's bored games, but for them, it's board :)) Man, I kind of sound like a negative mom, but I'm really not. Sometimes I am. I'm human. But, for the most part, I am really fun! So fun that I decided to make cookies. My son has been asking me if we can make chocolate chip cookies for the last few days, but we just haven't had the time, and to be honest, I am on a strict food program that doesn't allow me to eat those yummy things. I was worried I would give into temptation. After losing 30 pounds, I am hesitant to make things that would tempt me. BUT, it's a snow day, and we were bored ... so we did it!

Now, normally, I make sure to do most of the work, simply because it's a lot of work to bake (by the way, I am terrible at it), so if we are going to bake cookies, then I want them done right so we don't have to attempt it again. I am not a good baker. Never have been, and probably never will be; and I am ok with that. I even messed up a no bake recipe a few years ago and my husband will never let me forget it. Speaking of my husband, he is the biggest chocolate chip cookie fanatic you've ever met. I have tried several chocolate chip recipes in the past, and it actually took me a few years to perfect it! I found THE BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe on Pinterest and have been making them for a few years, and I am not kidding when I say they are the best cookies, ever. I will link it below!

Because I am a photographer, and a mom, who was baking cookies with her kids during a snow storm, I decided to document it. They stayed in their pajamas, and even showed off the bed head. I loved it! My son kept saying "gosh, you are such a photographer! Why does it matter where we stand?" and my reply was honest, "well, because this is going to be a blog post, and I don't want people to see the mess over there!" Haha, truth.

If you are looking for something fun today with your kiddos while they're home from school, grab the ingredients from your pantry and fridge, and make these! We had so much fun! Don't forget to take pictures :))

The best cookie recipe, EVER!

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